Writing layer by layer is a means by which histories are inscribed. Time and memory are overlaid within the earth’s history. Geological strata, hidden or revealed, have their own aesthetic.

By using the natural resources of lime wash with pigments and mud, Jackie’s work echoes the way we read geological data. The geological process resonates with her interest in Time and Memory. Each layer has its own thoughts and memories recollected through time.

It is the coastal areas that clearly show the time lines of the earth’s evolution, which are then conceptually realised in Jackie’s paintings.

The idea behind this series stems from the nature of writing; history, poetry, story and music; of time and memory. The artist remembering her walks and her thoughts of the space alongside the memory of the earth stored within the strata are embodied within each line that is drawn.

The Pembrokeshire coastline has become a great source of inspiration for the OVERLAY SERIES, alongside Jackie’s life lived in rural surroundings watching the layering of passages of time.

Lime-wash & Pigment and Mud on Paper


Wall Pieces

Lime-wash & Pigment on Board