The cycle of life and death, time and memory continues to inhabit Jackie’s artwork. This piece developed with the knowledge of her sister being diagnosed with cancer. Two months later Mel died, the day before the BA Final Show opened to the public. Mel’s spirit lit up the installation as viewers were drawn in to watch the slow process; it quietened the mind for contemplation. Each glass plate formed a mound of sand until it could hold no more, then a gentle release through a central hole continued the process, leaving behind a crater. The light caught the sand bouncing and dancing. It took 7 hours for the sand to fall from top to bottom.

This 15ft wall installation piece was designed especially to fit The Somerville Gallery at the Pitville Campus, Cheltenham, as part of the 2009 B.A. Hons in Painting and Drawing final exhibiton. Short film courtesy of Ruben Robinson.(Sorry,it only opens in PCs not Macs).