A selection of soils collected from 4 counties; Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Herefordshire. Soil is a living, visceral medium to work with; each soil has its own colour, texture and quality. Jackie thins the soils with water and a drop of linseed oil, which acts as a binder. She goes into a soil zone, considering its aspects: the millions of years of formation, the dynamic eco system, the gift of its life force energising the seed, her gratitude for abundance and her concern for the extensive decline of healthy soil, abused by industrial farming practices. She is a gardener of organic vegetables; her days are spent touching earth, the soil under her fingernails. This and her art practice, for Jackie, is holistic nurturing: soil is life. Each painting starts with an essence of an idea to which she allows the soil to bring itself to life. Each mark has to be considered as she moves along the paper, as that mark is the one, if it is painted over it becomes too dense and will fix less well. Dirt is related in a clean form as a blessing to good health!

Artist in Residence: Soil Painting Workshops

Not Forgotten Outreach

NFO is a charity farm retreat for military veterans, offering teaching programmes in organic farming practices, animal husbandry and sustainable building. Its eco system of care for PTSD sufferers also uses therapeutic art, yoga & body healing. notforgottenoutreach.org